Ausziehbare Abfall Wasserschlauch 1 meter

Homeright Wasserversorgungright Abfall Wasser

Through the extendable waste waterhose, which can be extended and bended up to 1.10m, the waste water can be emptied into the sewer or in the waste watertank. If extra length is needed, then two or more extendable waste waterhoses can be easily connected.

Unextended: 483x045mm
Extended:      1090x045mm

The universal adaptor (art. 2400860) is used to connect the drain (hose) (among other of your sink) with the waste waterhose, when the drain (hose) doesn’t directly fit onto the waste waterhose.The universal adaptor can then easily be connected to the extendable waste waterhose.



Material PP+TPR

Material PVC

Reingewicht 0.190kg

Farbe Grau

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