Batteriewächter 230V - 6V/12V

Homeright 12V Elektrik right Akku-Materialien

This trickle charger can charge both 6V and 12V, set by means of the display. The charger switches to trickle charging as soon as the battery is full. The
charger is equipped with 2 so-called crocodile clips that must be connected to the poles of the battery / accumulator. A perfect maintenance charger
that keeps your caravan or camper battery in good condition when it is in the garage.

Output voltage: 7.2 ± 2V or 14.4 ± 2V DC
Max output current: 1A
Max. input power consumption: 21W
Type input plug: Schuko
Working temperature: 0oC - 40oC
Dimensions: 125x69x72mm
Connection cable length: 1500mm


Preis€ 22,50