Sao flexibler LED-Spot

Homeright Neuheiten Saison 2023

A stylish surface-mounted spotlight for directional lighting

The Sao is a surface-mounted spot with a swiveling/directable head that provides a concentrated beam of light, easy to be switched on and off when targeted lighting is required. The flexible neck offers additional possibilities for directing the light.

The focused light beam makes the surface-mounted spotlight perfect for the corner seating or by the bed to provide extra lighting for reading or playing a game, for example.
The surface-mounted spotlight is stabilized between 10 and 30V so that the amount of light always remains the same and does not flicker in the event of fluctuations in the power supply.
The low power consumption makes the surface-mounted spotlight ideal for use in the motorhome, caravan or boat.

Installation is quick and easy with the supplied screws.

Product alternative
We have a wide range of lighting products. For this we refer you to the category "Lighting".

Available in stores from February 2023.



Versorgungsspannung 10-30V DC

Durchmesser Product 6cm

Farbe Schwarz

Lichtfarbe 4000K

Helligkeit im Lumen 150 lumen

Schutzvorrichtung IP21

Höhe Produkt 17cm

Produktbreite 8cm

Energieverbrauch 1.4W

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