Cerna Einbauleuchte chrom

Homeright Neuheiten Saison 2023

Small recessed spotlight for functional lighting of a larger area

The Cerna recessed spotlight is a small spot providing powerful light and the perfect complement to ambient lighting to provide additional functional light when required.

The spotlight is ideal for properly illuminating a work surface, such as the kitchen sink. The Civita recessed spot is also a functional light source under cabinets in the bedroom and living area.
The light intensity can also be adjusted with an external dimmer.

It is a metal spotlight in black finish. The very flat model is easy to install because 2 clamps secure the spotlight in the hole made. No further assembly is required.

Product alternative
We have a wide range of lighting products. For this we refer you to the category "Lighting".

Available in stores from February 2023.



Versorgungsspannung 12V DC

Durchmesser Montage 6.1cm

Durchmesser Product 6.5cm

Energieverbrauch 2 Watt

Einbauhöhe 1.4cm

Höhe Produkt 1.5cm

Farbe Chrom

Lichtfarbe 4000K

Helligkeit im Lumen 120 lumen

Schutzvorrichtung IP44

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